Human and me package

starting at $150

Most often, our pets are our first babies. If you're like me, 75% of my camera roll is of my pup, and I love showing her off to friends and family! This package is perfect to get updated shots with your pet instead of being the one taking the photos!

Meet my pup, Lucy!

Rescued in January 2022, Lucy quickly integrated herself into my unconventional lifestyle and became my best friend and constant companion. She's a 2 year old pittie mix of pure energy, snuggles, and love, and is obsessed with meeting new people. When she's not napping for the 1,000th time that day, she's usually sunbathing on our deck and barking at birds! 

As a dog mom, I understand how your pet becomes your literal child, and I can't wait to capture that unbreakable bond between you!

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